4.16 2We are! Lots of fun yesterday but we’re just gettin’ started! Club and Shag City Grill Open today at 10…DJ Gary Bass in the Front Room and DJ Eddie Baker in the Back Room from noon to 5. Jim Quick & Coastline will be on stage in the Front Room from 2 to 6..WOOHOO! Then, DJ Jimmy Buffkin will be in the Front Room booth and DJ Johnny B will be in the Back Room from 5 to 9. Closin’ us out will be DJ David “Hey Boy” Harris in the Front and DJ Roy Childress in the Back from 9 til you run us out! Judy Duke’s workshops begin this morning at 10…Come on over early and learn some new shag moves! She’s the BEST! Yes, Oh, Yes…It’s SOS…Now in FULL SWING! We’ll have out outside tent for SOS cards and Fat Harold’s merchandise. Stop by and let us take care of ‘ya!