The GROOVIN BAND tonite at 8pm. These guys are fantastic. Be here.We are proud to have donated several million dollars to “our charity” Camp Kemo. Well today is the day to do it again! We have some fantastic auction items. One of which I will speak of is the quilt of the decade. It is a quilt designed by Vicki West’s friend. It has all of your favorite beach bands on it and the best thing about it is everyone one of the tshirts featured is autographed by every band member. This is a classic folks. Also Becky Stowe has done another fabulous treat which I will not tell you about. You must come and see this one. Becky I love the frame! The grill will open at 11am. The auction gets underway around 1pm. We will have special guests throughout the auction raising their share of money for Camp Kemo. Just remember this: It takes $500 to send a kid to camp. Memories to be made and kept for years or months or some a few weeks. We have this large place in our hearts and Fat Harold has so much love for these kids. Let’s make this our biggest and bestest yet. We look forward to seeing you today. For those of you who have to leave, have a safe trip, Thank You for your patronage and we’ll see you next time!