CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY FLYERWhat a GREAT day to show our appreciation! SOS was a blast and we appreciate all who came through our doors. Join us today where we’ll have Customer Appreciation PRICES FROM OPEN TO CLOSE! Club and Shag City Grill will open at 4 today with DJ Milton White in the booth playin’ for ‘ya! The BACK ROOM will be open tomorrow night for an EARLY BIRD SONNY’S PAVILION REUNION PARTY…DJ Jerry Burrage will be spinning tunes from the old Sonny’s Pavilion jukebox and we welcome all early arrivals for this weekend’s reunion to come to FAT HAROLD’S for a meet & greet with some fun and dancin’. Mama Brenda will be overseein’ the party and all doors will be open for access…front, back and side…pick and choose what you can use! DJ David Harris will be playin’ in the front room. We look forward to seein’ the Sonny’s crowd and celebratin’ the GOOD TIMES from back in the day! Come on over to the FAT MAN’S HOUSE Thursday night from 7 until and get your reunion started early!