Yes, instead of on the sea, it’s by the sea today with CWB. The Craig Woolard Band will be performing from 1pm until 5pm today at Fat Harold’s. (Check out the cruise in January with CWB and Coastline). Now this will be a GOOD ONE! THE SHAG CITY GRILL opens at 11am today followed by the other bars at 12 noon. Shannon and The Fun Team appreciate your business and as always, “Be nice to your bartenders”. They work hard to make sure you are accomodated. If you have to wait a minute feel assured you have been seen and will be waited on as fast as possible. Hollaring will get you NO WHERE! Check The Carefree Times or our website for DJ lineup and start times. Have a great time will you are here and for those who didn’t make it we hope you can make it next time. See ya in a minute!