Can you believe it? Easter is here and I haven’t even had time to hide my eggs. Maybe the kids wouldn’t mind hunting the pork chops bones from todays lunch if I tied 5, 10’s and 20’s around them. What do think about that? Well I guess you’ve figured out that I am having PORK CHOPS in the SHAG CITY GRILL today. Accompanied by Mac & Cheese, Green Beans, Fried Corn and Cornbread. Don’t forget the tea or soda. Terry, Shannon and Debbie will entertain you this evening at the Main Bar and of course Mama Brenda has the back room. Shannon Rogers follows Lulu at the Grill and one of our awesome DJ’s will be throwing down in “The Booth”! Come and join us for a fun-filled day and evening. Bring a friend and introduce them to our little “Shag Family”!