4.22 2It’s the weekend, BABY! AND SOS WEEKEND, AT THAT! It’s gonna get crazy good and we’re gonna party till ‘ya can’t party no more! Club and Shag City Grill open today at 11 with JUDY DUKE’S SHAG WORKSHOP AT 10. Come early and get ready to let Judy show you how to put some pizzazz in your dancin’! The ENTERTAINERS will be on stage from 2 to 6, along with various other artists who will be showin’ up to participate in the ARTIST’S SHOWCASE with emcees Gary Bass, Chad Sain and Jay Jenkins…Hosted by KHP Music, startin’ at 12:30! If you love live music you don’t want to miss out on this! Dee Jay schedule for today: Noon to 5 – Gary Bass (Front) Ken Jones (Back) 5 to 9 – John Hall (Front) Larry Edwards (Back) 9 to Close – Jimmy Buffkin (Front) Roger Holcomb (Back). Yes, Oh, Yes…the party’s just beginnin’! Gonna be a wang dang weekend at the Fat Man’s House! We’ve got somethin’ for errrybody!