Can you believe it? It’s Easter weekend already! OK gang, you’ve made it clear you would rather have a DJ than a Band. It’s Easter and we didn’t book a band. Now let’s pack this place. Jus sayin! The grill opens at 11am and we have Pork Chop Friday! Fried or grilled, smashed taters, gravy, green beans, cornbread and tea or soda! For those of you who don’t eat pork we have our regular menu too! Shannon will lead The Fun Team into the evening hours and DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin is in “The Booth”! This could be one heck of a night! We hope so. Make sure you join us and make sure you get your copy of Fat Harold’s new book. We have it in hardback and paperback. You may pick it up here or order online at the website! We will see you in a little while. Love YOU, Mean IT!