4.23 2Lots on our plate today…and it’s not all baloney sammiches! It’s PARADE DAY and the club and grill will be open at 11! Dee Jays all day and night! Noon to 4 – Gene Sistare (Front) Noon to 5 – Roy Childress (Back) 4 to 8 – Larry Edwards (Front) 5 to 9 – Ken Jones (Back) 8 to Close – David “Hey Boy” Harris (Front) 9 to Close – Kitty Earles (Back). Following the SOS Parade there will be an awards ceremony for the parade entries…then the annual Hall Of Fame Shaggers Exhibition from 4 to 5. CHICKEN BOG around 6! Judy Duke will have her final Shag Workshop at 10 this morning and there will be a book signing by John Bauer, author of “Grey Wolf” at our parking lot tent starting at 1. Whew! That’s a lotta stuff! Come on over to the Fat Man’s House for food, drinks, FUN and dancin’!