12924569_10208628639623757_2929076484746427577_nYour FUN TEAM has everything in order! The coolers are stocked..The tee shirts are ready..The deejays and bands are sittin’ on GO! Yes, Oh, Yes…Fat Harold’s is ready for SOS! Are you? We’ll be kickin’ things off this Wednesday with a JUMP START PARTY with FREE HOT DOGS and both rooms rockin’ to set the mood for what’s to come. DJ Jammin’ Jimmy Buffkin will be holdin’ down the FRONT ROOM and DJ Bill Harper will be doin’ his thang in the BACK ROOM! Come on out and help us get this thang called SOS started! Schedules and updates will be posted on our FACEBOOK PAGE daily so stay informed with what’s happenin’ at the FAT MAN’s HOUSE so you don’t miss a thang! Club opens today at 4 with Customer Appreciation from 4 to 7. Shag instructor JUDY DUKE will be on hand at 7 to teach you some new steps or help you brush up on what you already know. Classes are $10 per person, no partner needed.