The 5th day of May! Let’s Celebrate! Ole`! Let’s see if we can drink up all of the Coronas in the house. I dare you to even try it! Lunch with Lulu continues today at 11am. Hamburger Steak, FF, Tossed Salad, Garlic Bread and tea or soda! Just $6.50. Shannon, Debbie and Justin round out the evening, fixing the cocktails and entertaining you. Judy Duke teaches Shag Lessons at 7pm for the low price of $10 per person. WELL worth it. You will dance to the music of DJ Lanny Elmore tonite. What a library of music he has. Just ask him to play it and I bet he’s got it! Well, that about does it for today! Seems to be some confusion about Fat Harold. He is home and doing pretty good right now. He’s just like the rest of us. Good days and Better days. Cards and prayers are a wonderful thing. We could all use them for moral support, most of the time. Thank you for being concerned and he IS getting stronger each and every day!!!