We are back to normal and dancing and toddies are our business! There should be plenty of room on the floor for you to do your thang! Yesterday I had a comment on my post in which I used some of my out-of-the-box humor, that was misconstrued. I did not have a DJ posted because I don’t know who is playing cause I have not received the DJ schedule so I just played around. The CALENDAR is updated as I receive my information. The old timers who invented the dance always told me, “If you can’t shag in tennis shoes, flip flops or BAREFOOT then you weren’t a very good shagger. I have seen a lot of them do it, so I believe it! Sorry this man doesn’t agree, but I have had comments that he doesn’t agree on before. This is Fat Harold’s Beach Club and will be until the day his name comes off of the building and he appreciates your business but until you can put your money where your mouth is, I think we can run the business. I have been put in charge of the web blogs and calendar and will do so until I am told different. Now, there will be pork chops in the grill today with rice and gravy, green beans and cornbread. The Fun Team will make sure you have a good time, only if you truly know how to have a good time. DJ David Harris will be playing the music if that is OK with you. Hope you will drive 62 miles to come see him and you can wear your shoes. It’s OK! If my little bit of daily humor bothers the readers of this blog don’t read it. Simple as that. I surely wouldn’t want to cause someone to stroke out because they think they have to dance barefooted. Guess I better get to work to see what else is in store for The Fun Team today. Have a wonderful day, tend to your own garden and I do Love Some of YOU, and Mean it!