fatdaddy laughingWe open this joint at 4pm sharp. The grill will be smelling good and the drinks will be cold and refreshing and it’s Customer Appreciation Day from 4 until 7pm! Jeppy and his charming partner Miss Nikki will hit the dance floor at 7pm to tell you a little bit about our state dance, “THE SHAG” and then teach you the basic steps. This is FREE folks. I have always provided these lessons for FREE so that you can learn our beautiful dance. I pay the instructors and they teach you. When you finish your lesson please feel free to hang around and practice your steps so you can go out and teach someone else. The more people we get involved the better chance we have for it to stick around for a very long time. Our DJ for tonite is “The Shadow”! I will not be there tonite cause as most of you know I am at Brightwater Rehabilitation Center getting my muscles built back up and sculpted for the summer. I must dance again and again and again. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers and I am getting stronger every day. Can’t wait to see your smiling faces and if you get a minute, please stop by. I am in room 515. I also want to thank you for all of the wonderful cards that I have been receiving. The mail lady says I am the most popular person here. I love you all from the bottom of my heart and let me know if my girls aren’t taking good care of you. I want to know! Got to go for now but I will be back with you very soon. Much love to all of my Bo’s and Shug’s! The Fat Man