You had your morning coffee and now you are trying to decide what you are going to do with your day. I have an idea! Come on down to Ocean Drive. Fat Harold’s in going to be booming today with Mayfest on the street. You can get your favorite beverages right here and a big bologna sandwich! Go out to the festival and buy Mom that most unique Mother’s Day Gift and come back in to Harold’s and have another toddy! The dance floor is open, the grill and main bar are open. We have a private wedding party in the back room from 1 until 4 so sorry that room is not open to the public. Enjoy our outdoor chairs and umbrellas is you need a smoke break. We are here for you! DJ Milton White will be your DJ for the evening and if he doesn’t have the songs you are looking for, well let’s just say, you’ll have to go to another PLANET! Have a wonderful day and spend it with us! Love YOU, Mean IT!