CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY FLYER949-live-remote-2Startin’ out our day with some more rain but it’ll be clear and sunny inside Fat Harold’s Beach Club!

Club and Shag City Grill open today at 4 with a NEVER ENDING Customer Appreciation until we close.  That’s right…Customer Appreciation Day from the time we open til we cut off the lights.  It’s YOUR day…CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY.

94.9 The Surf will have their DJ Jason “the Judge” Justice here startin’ at 6 with a LIVE REMOTE from the club.  Sendin’ your good times and some great music throughout the airwaves for those that can’t be here in person.  At 7 our DJ Jimmy Buffkin will join Jason playin’ plenty of music for good times on our dancefloor.  Come on out and get you some!