day 10Whew…We’re down to day #10 of SOS and it’s gonna be a biggy! It’s Parade Day!

The last day of Judy Duke’s SOS Shag Workshops and it’s scheduled from 10 to 11. Last chance to take advantage of some great instructions and take some new dance moves with you when SOS is over.

Club and Shag City Grill open at 11 and the party’s on! DJ schedule today: Front Room – DJ John Hall 1 to 5, DJ Larry Edwards 5 to 9 and DJ Jay Kinlaw 9 to close – Back Room – DJ Dennis Brumble 1 to 5, DJ Tootie Brown 5 to 9 and DJ Betty Brown 9 to close.

Chef Jack’s famous chicken bog will be served in the back room today at 6:30 til it’s gone. Don’t miss out!

Your Fun Team is still goin’ strong…are you?