fat harold 2It’s Thursday and time for some FREE Line Dance Lessons at 7pm with Jeanette Stanley. You don’t need a partner, just come on out and learn some of the dances that when you feel the spirit hit you and your partner will not budge, you can get up and do your OWN thang! The club will open today at 4pm for Customer Appreciation Day. The grill WILL be opens for the best Cheeseburgers and FF on the beach. Not to mention those blackened Bologna sandwiches. I am drooling now. Oops, NO breakfast! In the booth tonite is “The Shadow”. When you finish your lessons you can shag until your feet drop off, that is if you can keep “The Shadow” on his toes. He’s got all of the music, just ask him. Tomorrow we open at 11am with the return of The Pork Chops. Miss Amy can cook em up as good as Lulu. Don’t know what sides she will be using but come see. The Sweet Tea is the bomb too. Later on in the evening is Friday Nite Dance Party Nite with DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin. Let’s rock this joint! We will open again at 11am on Saturday and the beer will be real cold. When you have had enough sun or your just “HOT” walk on down for a good cold brew. Customer Appreciation Day is 4 until 7pm daily, except on Wednesday. It lasts ALL DAY LONG on Wednesday. Saturday nite, you are in for a treat, when our Entertainment Director and Head Honcho DJ returns to the booth. DJ Gary (Jerry Franklin) Bass will keep you moving all night long. Get prepared for a fun weekend at the Fat Man’s House. By the way, he told me to tell you once again, “THANK YOU” for all of the cards, flowers and messages that you have been sending him. He IS getting everyone of them. He just smiles real big everytime I tell him that so and so has asked about him or the mail lady comes in with a hand full of cards. He has a dream and I for one think it is going to come true. You have to BELIEVE! Got to get to work but just thought I would cover the whole weekend while I was at it. I have a hard time leaving my yard in the cool morning hours to get on a computer on the weekends. So here you have it. Please come see us, if only for a little while. You never know who you might run in to in the World Famous Fat Harold’s Beach Club. Love YOU, Mean IT!