DJ Jay "Dawg" NelmsToday’s title seemed appropriate for a Monday! Since it is most of The Fun Team’s day off, this is our day to clean our wounds, wash the sweat out of our clothes and literally cry out the pain from the hard work that has been put in to the prior week.! Well for some of us anyway. Most people don’t realize what it takes to make a business, especially a NIGHTCLUB (with a few days thrown in), run smoothly. It takes a team. What would happen to the football team if they didn’t haven’t a center? What would happen to a basketball team if they didn’t have a coach? What about Walmart without a manager? You would NOT have a full team and TOTAL Chaos would be in existence. We are a team at Fat Harold’s. We are a family! Those of us who really care stick together like bees on honey and that is why we are still here and still gonna be here. Let the rumors fly! We appreciate the ideas from our customers, especially the ones spoken quietly and clearly. Negative comments are thrown by the wayside and decsions are not made on emotions. We make do with what we have and leave the rest to God and we thank him for our jobs and for you our friends and customers. None of us know what the future holds but we sure hope you (our friends and customers are in it). Heck, I hope I’m in it! Oh well, I have had a mellow moment. Take it how you read and don’t add between the line cause the truth is the truth. Period! Mama Brenda opens the doors at 4pm! Judy Duke is teaching SHAG LESSONS at 7pm for $10 per person and DJ Jay “Dawg” Nelms is at the helm in “The DJ Booth”! Don’t forget to put STEVE OWENS & SUMMERTIME on your calendars for Saturday nite. This will be their first time on stage at The Fat Man’s house and we need to gather the troops and give them that BIG FAT HAROLD LOVE that we all claim to possess! Have a wonderful, blessed day and as always, “LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!