FAT HAROLDS PHOTOIt’s time to get those shoes out for your mid week shag crisis! We are going to get the party started at 4pm and continue with Customer Appreciation Day or as we like to say Happy Day until the last person leaves the building! This is a day that Harold started a long time ago just for you. Hump Day, Happy Day! Come and get your reduced drink prices and Shag all over these floors. It’s you night and we do appreciate you! Heck we Love YOU! DJ Milton “The Shadow” will be in the booth playing your favorite songs. If he hasn’t played your favorite just ask him to play it. He will be glad to. We at Fat Harold’s aim to please. Hope you get your butts in gear and get on down here for some fun, fellowship, libations and of course some SHAGGING! Have a wonderful day and try to stay cool. LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!