Fat Harold and The Fun Team cordially invite you to attend the July 4th SPA SHAG CONTEST on July the 6th and 7th, 2012. Shine up those shoes and come compete for $1,750 in prize money! Our Guest DJ Butch Metcalf will play the tunes!
FRIDAY, the club will open at 11am for practice and some Lunch with Lulu! AMATEURS be here to sign up at 8pm. It’s just $15 per couple. SENIORS sign up (age 50+) for $20 per couple. AMATEURS dance at 9pm followed by a JUNIOR EXHIBITION and then the SENIORS will take the floor.
SATURDAY, the club will open at 11am for practice and some more of Lulu’s cooking in The Shag City Grill! NOVICE and PRO will sign up by 8:30pm. NOVICE sign up is $20 per couple and PRO sign up is $25 per couple. Contest starts at 9pm with NOVICE division first followed by the PRO division.
For more information or if you have any questions visit us at www.fatharolds.com
Check the SOS website ~ www.shagdance.com for accommodation discounts!
We hope to see you all at Fat Harold’s Beach Club! The Best Contests, The Best Bartenders, The Best DJ’s, The Best BEST! Nobody throws a Party like The Fat Man! See ya’ll soon!