FAT HAROLDS PHOTOHappy Thursday everyone! We are going to get this beer joint open at 4pm for Customer Appreciation Day and it will last until 7pm at which time, Jeanette Stanley, will teach you some line dance lessons so you don’t have to sit down when that lazy ole partner of yours refuses to dance. You just get up and go for it! She kicks off her lessons at 7pm accompanied by DJ Al Trice! He will be playing on over into the evening. We hope you can get your chores done and get on down here to play a little bit. All work and no play makes anybody a dull person. Just ask me!!! lol I know. Have a beautiful day and remember The Celebration of Life for The Fat Man is this coming Saturday at 4pm. He would like for all of his friend to be here but if you can’t I’m sure he will understand. Got to get busy. Love YOU, Mean IT!