david harrisIt’s almost the weekend again but before we get to that we must learn a NEW line dance lesson! Jeanette will teach you THE lastest AND up to datest line dances that you can dance to our shag music or just a little bit funky! DJ David Harris, one of our resident DJ’s who likes to play all kinds of music, will be in the booth assisting Jeanette and will play however long you want to keep him here afterwards. IT’s business as usual at Fat Harold’s. WE open at 4pm for Customer Appreciation Day and close when the last person leaves. This was Fat Harold’s wishes. I know that there are many rumors on the street and that is just what they are RUMORS. We aren’t going anywhere until we reach wheelchair age and if I can ever get my injection needle patented to fit WD-40, we will not be going anywhere then. So get over it. Find someone else to talk trash about. If you want to talk about Fat Harold’s tell the TRUTH. We are here to stay. The Fat Man wanted it that way and Mr. Worley loved the Fat Man and is respecting his wishes. I think he loves us too!(blush) How could you not like a bunch of old Sitting Hens with 10,000 personalities coming at you at once. Sure does make life interesting, to say the least. Let’s suit up, show up and make the Fat Man Proud, cause if you don’t think he has a direct line from Heaven to here, just ask me! Peace, Love and Sandy Feet. LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!