Now that the beach is packed, we will be looking forward to all of you trying to pack in to Fat Harold’s Beach Club for a SHAG Dance history lesson and Jeppy teaching you the basics of OUR STATE DANCE. Ocean Drive (aka NMB) is the Shag Capital of the world and FAT HAROLD’S is the headquarters. The Fat Man is the Legendary KING OF SHAG! How you bought his book yet? We still have some for those of you who didn’t know, forgot, just got paid or need a gift. Just go to the website and buy it right online through paypal or visit some of our local shops while you are here. Just to name a couple, Two Blondes at The Beach and Judy’s House of Oldies! We will open the doors today at 4pm with Customer Appreciation Day, starring Trixie Larue! She is our newest Living Legend at Fat Harold’s and she can mix some drinks. So come in a little early, have a cocktail and get loosened up. Even if you don’t take the lessons, DJ Ray Scott comes on after the lessons and he will wear your legs out. Don’t be intimidated, just get up and DANCE!!! Have a happy day and LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!