DANCERSIt’s Tuesday and it’s time for some FREE Shag Lessons. The club opens at 4pm and the grill is open tonite. Come hungry! You can work it off while you are taking your lessons! Jeppy and Nikki give quite a work out. They will teach you a little bit about where the Shag started, a brief history and why it is so important to US that we keep the tradition of The Shag going for generations. It’s part of The Carolina’s heritage and right here in Ocean Drive is the “Shag Capital” of the world. There is NO charge and everyone is welcome. The Fat Man himself provides these Free Lessons so that anybody who wants to learn, no matter what the age, can come to Fat Harold’s and learn the dance that is close to our hearts! DJ Milton White will be your DJ for the evening and will play music long after the lessons are over so you can practice your steps and consume some adult beverages. They always make you dance better if I have to say so myself! So make your plans for the evening to be here at 7pm to get your “Shag” on. Peace, Love, and Sand in YOUR SHOES! Love YOU, Mean IT!