Welcome to Fat Harold’s Beach Club – Home of THE SHAG! We invite you to join us for FREE SHAG LESSONS tonite at 7pm. Jeppy and Nikki will teach you the basic steps as well as some history from this wonderful dance. Immediately following FREE Shag Lessons our shortest Bartender, Terry, will teach RAIN DANCE LESSONS for $25 per person. Terry will open the club at 4pm today and serve you some heavy duty libations for cheap from 4 until 7 to get you ready for her lessons. The Grill will be open so you can have a bite to eat before the classes and DJ Jay “Dawg” Nelms will be in the BOOTH! Hope to see you tonite. Get here early to get the best place on the floor. Jeppy’s classes get real big, real fast! Please have a wonderful day, be safe in your travels and know that WE LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!