fat harold 2How is everybody out there in Shag Land? We are great down here at the beach. Just missing you. Today the club will open at 4pm with Lil Terry. The Shag City Grill will also be open so you can get some of those juicy Cheeseburgers and Blackened Bologna sandwiches on our new Char-Grill! We are back to normal and the food is fantastic. Do you want to learn the basic Shag or brush up on those steps you learned so long ago. Well tonite is the nite! Jeppy and Nikki will turn you little feet into magic tonite at 7pm! This is a great class, starting with a little history about the shag and ending with YOU doing at least the basic steps, if not more. DJ David Harris will be in the booth to play for the class and keep you going long after class is over. You don’t have any excuses for not showing up. Just get in the car and drive down here or walk if you prefer to the World Famous Fat Harold’s Beach Club. We’ve been featured on The Travel Channel with Samantha Brown, yes she took shag lessons right on this same floor, The Food Channel, Shag City TV, TV 33, and numerous other television and radio shows. We’ve been featured in numerous magazine and newspaper articles and also a few books have been written about or included segments of our club. We have facebook friends from England, Australia, Japan and even South Africa. We are world renowned. So step through our doors in to a little piece of history and learn our state dance “The Shag”, tonite! You’ll be glad you did! PEACE, LOVE and SANDY FEET! Love YOU, Mean IT!