What’s up? Yes, I know, the thermometer. Hot, humid, sticky, sandy??? All the more reasons to come inside and enjoy the cool in Fat Harold’s today and tonite. The Grill opens at 11am and the lunch special is a “REAL” All-the-way Hamburger (mustard, chili, slaw, onions and ketchup) served with FF, tea or soda. Cheese is extra on this burger cause my special is A HAMBURGER! Customer Appreciation Day is 4 til 7pm. Terry takes the nite shift along with Sean in the grill. DJ Jason Justice provides the music for you to dance to this evening. Mix it up Jason, to bad you can’t scratch in the booth. Wonder what shag music would sound like on the turn tables scratching??? Hmmmm….
Well it’s time to say Good-bye for this Sunday morning and we look forward to your next visit. Sure hope it’s today. Be safe, stay cool, turn before you burn and We Love You, Mean It! PS…tomorrow is The Fat Man’s birthday! Send him some love!