fatdaddy laughingIt’s Wednesday and time for the Customer Appreciation Hump Day Shag Party! BUT FIRST! The club opens today at 11am for LUNCH!!!!! We invite you to come out and have lunch with Jim, our newest employee. He is a mighty fine cook and we have a new char-grill. Today’s Special is a Grilled Chicken Sandwich, topped with lettuce, tomato and mayo on a corn dusted bun, served with French Fries and drink for $6.50! We will even have some fresh brewed sweet southern Ice Tea! Now that I have you salivating get on up here for lunch! Shannon and Debbie man the Main tonite. The best drinks in town from the best bartenders and who is in the DJ Booth, you say? Why it our “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin, playing everything to get those feet moving. If you want fast he can take you there and if you need to slow down and catch a breath, he will do that too! Just ask Jimmy, if he’s got it, he’ll play it. This is Fat Harold’s Fun Nite so come on out and get you some. Peace, Love and Sand in YOUR Shoes! Love YOU, Mean IT!