DANCERSDid I say MANIC? You better believe it. Mama Brenda hosts the Bored Meeting from 4 until 7pm and then will take you to places you’ve never seen before if you order to many of her Margaritas. Judy Duke sets the dance floor on fire with her Shag Lessons. This woman will have you dancing even if you have four feet. We are going to have a super doper summer and we want YOU here to enjoy it with us. One of our DJ’s (most likely Milton White) will be in the booth to take your requests and play some of the best Beach Music that can be played, legally! hehehe I’m so glad to be back and Shannon and I (Lulu) have decided to split the blogs cause she enjoyed doing them while I was out. Let’s have a marvelous day and “May you have shells in your pockets and sand in your shoes.” Here we go……LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!