LINE DANCEIt’s Thursday and time for Jeanette to teach you a new line dance! Be here for FREE lessons at 7pm. This is a fun, fun time and you don’t want to miss it. The club will open at 11am for lunch. Jim’s Special today will be Chef’s Choice. So that means you need to come and see what he cooking up. What ever it is it will only be $6.50 and you will get your belly full. Deb and Shannon are on Main tonite and DJ David Harris will be in the booth until at least midnite. He WILL play as long as you stick around. Let’s get this 4th of July Party started tonite at Fat Harold’s Beach Club. PS. Don’t forget Steve Owens and Summertime on Sunday nite. They are truly one of the best bands around! May You Always Have Shells in Your Pockets and Sand in Your Shoes! Love YOU, Mean IT!