Don’t waste your time going to see Dark Shadows! Come see “Our Shadow”! Barnabas Collins can’t hold a candle to our DJ Milton “The Shadow” White starting at 7pm, playing anything you can handle. Just ask! Lulu will open the kitchen at 11am. Today’s special is one of our new menu items: Bleu Cheeseburger loaded with Lumpy Bleu Cheese Dressing and topped with your choice of French Fried Onion Rings or Fried Green Tomatoes, FF and sweet southern tea or Coca Cola. Give it a whirl and tell us how you like it! Deb opens Main at 5pm. Shannon joins her and Sean takes the grill at 6pm! It’s Dance Party Nite, so bring those shoes (or don’t) and dance the night away at Fat Harold’s Beach Club! You can mess with the rest, but the best is the BEST! Coming SOON! Our brand new menu! Have you checked out our Fat Harold’s Shoe Bags? Don’t go home without one. Have one of those good ole, laid back days and as always “LOVE you, MEAN it!