david-harris-150x150 (75x75)Oh what a Happy Day, Hump Day, Customer Appreciation the middle of the work week and two days to go before the weekend. Please come and spend the evening with us at Fat Harold’s for our weekly meet and greet. There will be shagging and swilling and smiling and profiling in the club tonite. This is one of the hottest nights of the week and we have FUN especially when DJ David Harris is in the booth. The club opens at 4pm will our doll Debbie, followed by our newest employee Ed, at the grill and Shannon joins Debbie a little later on. David cranks up the music at 7pm. We have a few of our customers that are sick and need our prayers and our sympathies go out to the Deine family on the loss of our good buddy Jim. He will be missed. Dianne, if you need anything your Fat Harold’s family is here for you. Let’s have a great day and be here tonite, at Fat Harold’s where the love is REAL! Love you, Mean IT!