Lets-ShagThe club opens at 4pm today with Mama Brenda hosting Customer Appreciation Day. At 7pm Judy Duke, one of the areas premier shag instructors will teach you how to do it! Just come on out. No partner is needed and the cost is $10 per person. DJ Kitty Earles will be in the booth. This lady can play some music. Come see for yourself. Sounds like a plan to me! Have a wonderful day and please keep Susan and the family and friends of Jeppy White in your prayers. Today is going to be a tough day for them as he is laid to rest. The family requested that donations be made in the name of Jeremy “Jeppy” White to the Brunswick County Hospice of North Carolina or the Humane Society. Truly a sad time for our “Beach Music” family. Don’t forget to tell someone you love them. LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!