fat haroldsThe Shag City Grill is open today at 11am. Our newest employee, Jim, is cooking up some Pan-Fried Fish, FF, Slaw and Beverage for just $6.50. He is a really good cook, if I have to say so myself. Come and join us for lunch. Today is Hump Day aka Customer Appreciation Day at Fat Harold’s Beach Club. We gather on Wednesday nites to dance, drink and have a mid- week break from the daily grind. We are getting into the summer months, business is picking up and we are grateful for all of our Fat Harold’s family and friends. This will be your home when all the rest gone. Don’t forget our doors are always WIDE OPEN for you. Plan for Jeanette’s Line Dance lessons on Thursday nite. We sure would like to have the floor packed. The DJ for this evening is Randal Hight. Randal comes to us from the Raleigh area. He and his beautiful wife Ann have been friends and family of Fat Harold’s for a long time and now have moved to the beach to join us permanently. The man has got the music in him, just come and listen! May you have shells in your pockets and SAND in your shoes! Love You, Mean IT!