Carolina Soulband graces the stage at Fat Harold’s at 9pm tonite. If you still haven’t seen these guys you are in for a real treat. AWESOME BAND! The Club opens at 11am today. Today’s Specials are “Down South” Burgers w/ Sweet tater FF or Chicken Quesadilla. Both include tea or soda. The Fun Team take you to NEW LEVELS as they mix some holiday concoctions to make you dance like Charlie and Jackie. Now if you don’t know who they are, well maybe you’ve never shagged. But that’s OK, too, cause we’ve got some people around that would be glad to show you a basic step or TWO! DJ Jason Justice will be playing during band breaks and DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will be in the back room for those that would rather dance than listen to this great band we have tonite! Be careful out there, the traffic is awful and we need you with us! Happy 4th of July from The Fat Man and all of the staff! He is watching alot of movies lately. Anybody got some they don’t watch anymore that you would like to share?? I’m sure he would love them. See ya later and as always, Love You, Mean It!