7.15 n 16Thaaaaat’s right…two times the dance floors…two times the FUN! We have the FRONT and BACK rooms open on Friday and Saturday nights. Pick and choose what you can use…or use BOTH! Tonight we’ve got DJ Jammin’ Jimmy Buffkin playin’ your favorite beach music in the FRONT ROOM while DJ Little Tommy Hamrick plays nothin’ but the old music in the BACK ROOM. All doors will be open for access…front, back and side. We’ll do it all over again on Saturday night with DJ David “Hey Boy” Harris in the FRONT and DJ Chad “Amos/Andy” Farlow in the back playin’ old school vinyl. We hope to see your smilin’ faces at the Fat Man’s House! Club and Shag City Grill open today with Customer Appreciation from 4 to 7. It’s been fun this week with all of the Junior dancers in town for Junior SOS. Mark your calendars for Saturday afternoon to join us here for the Keepers Of The Dance Handicapped Mixed Doubles contest. This is LOTS OF FUN to watch, as each Junior couple is given a “handicap” costume and they have to dance in it…Could be scuba fins! Then on Sunday morning the Juniors will join us for a HUGE goodbye with brunch and a boogie woogie gospel hour. Support these kids…they’re who’s gonna keep this thing goin’!