It’s Friday and time for a HUGE weekend at Fat Harold’s Beach Club! We’ll start off by opening the club at 11am for Lunch with Lulu and it’s Pork Chop Day! The floors will be open for practice all day long. Customer Appreciation Day at 4pm until 7 pm featuring DJ Milton “The Shadow” White in the Parking Lot until 10pm. The Contest starts around 8pm. Get here early for a good seat. Guest DJ Butch Metcalf plays the front room for the contest and DJ Jay “Dawg” Nelms will crank up the back room for those who just want to dance. This is a very large contest and you will see some of the very best dancers out there. Amatuers and Seniors will dance tonite. FUN, FUN, FUN for everyone. There will be a JR. Exhibition too! Let’s keep OUR DANCE ALIVE! Come to Fat Harold’s tonite. Don’t forget tomorrow nite will be the finales featuring the Novice and Pros! Then to cap the weekend off we are having a FREE Concert in the Parking LOT. Jim Quick and Coastline and Black Water Rhythm and Blues will show you their stuff and you can meet The Canine Angels. You can’t stand it can you? You’ve got to get to the beach, to Fat Harold’s cause NOBODY Throws a Party like The Fatman! Have a wonderful day, stay cool, stay safe and we WILL see you sometime today. LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!