Fat Harold’s opens at 11am for lunch. We are having a Hot Dog Cookout for lunch special! Hotdogs dressed the way you like, baked beans, chips and a choice of tea or soda for $6.50. Hope to see you for lunch! We have Customer Appreciation Day today at 4pm until 7pm and then it’s on to Round 2 of Fat Harold’s 4th of July Shag Contest. Novice and Pro competition tonite at 8pm! Please come join us for some more of that good ole Shag Dancing. Contest is in the front room. Hang out and dance in The Back Room! DJ Butch Metcalf is in the booth in the front room and DJ Jay “Dawg” Nelms is in the back room! DJ Milton White will entertain you outside starting at 5pm until 10pm. Come join us for the GRAND FINALE of July 4, 2012 tomorrow with Jim Quick & Coastline and Black Water Rhythm and Blues will crank it up at 5pm tomorrow in the parking lot, joined by The Canine Angels. Come play with us! Have a fantastic day and LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!