FAT HAROLDS PHOTOGood Morning to you! It’s Thursday and almost the weekend again. Woo Hoo! Love me some weekends, don’t you? We are going to get the party started today at 4pm with Customer Appreciation Day, which lasts until 7pm! Jeanette will teach you some line dances at 7pm. DJ David “Hey Boy” Harris will play the music. I hate to tell you but David doesn’t get his spanking from the 6 ft. Gorilla wearing a tutu. He kept the floor packed last Friday nite. Let’s make him do it tonight! Our future will be here in Ocean Drive next week. Junior SOS! These kids can go. WE have a contest on Saturday the 18th at 2pm. It’s always fun cause they have to dress up to dance. Costumes, handicapped costumes! Oh, it’s so much fun. Plan to be here. While you are out and about ask a Junior to dance, you might just learn something. Got to go. Peace, Love and Sandy Feet. LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!