shag dancersTop of the Morning to you! Today is gonna be a hot one so come in and cool off for Customer Appreciation Day at 4pm with Jim and Terry! You should be cooled down just enough to get hot again on the dance floor with Jeppy and Nikki at 7pm. They will be teaching you some history and general information about them and OUR STATE DANCE, THE SHAG! When you know how it started and where it came from then you get to learn how to do it yourself, if you don’t already know the basics, and the best thing about it, is, IT’S FREE! For over 25 years Fat Harold has had Jeppy to graciously give up his Tuesday nites to teach you how to SHAG for FREE! They are taken care of by the Fat Man himself so you might learn this beautiful dance and Keep the Tradition going for years. Kudos to Fat Harold who has such a love for such a dance and Jeppy and Nikki for teaching for us. DJ Ray Scott is your featured DJ for the evening. He will stay around and play that good ole beach music until your legs fall off if you want him to! He’s one of the best and you can also catch him at, live, on your computer. Check them out. You just might LOVE it! This week coming up is Junior SOS. The kids will be everywhere, dancing and having fun. These kids are our future. Please come out and support them in any way you can. We are having a HUGE Junior and “Keepers” Dance Contest on Saturday at 2pm. This one is a LITTLE…hehehe…DIFFERENT folks and something you can’t miss or you have missed one of the highlights of Junior SOS. Come and support these kids and us and make it a great success and maybe we can have it again. Also there will be an Ice Cream Social in the back room for the kids during the contest. Load up the kids and come on down and while they are doing their planned functions ADULT beverages and some good ole beach music will be waiting on you at The Fat Man’s House. Can’t wait to see you. Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! Love YOU, Mean IT!