fat harold 2It’s Friday and we are gonna Party til the Lights Go OUT! The club opens for lunch at 11am and will close when the last person drops or gets run out, (whichever comes first)! DJ Jimmy Buffkin is in the booth this evening so you better grab two pairs of shoes! Jus sayin! The Juniors are in town and they have been stopping by to shine in all the clubs all week long. They are awesome. So proud to know that our beloved Shag Dance is catching on so good in the next generation. Kudos to the master minds behind the scenes teaching them and telling them the stories. Got to get to work and not so sure this is going to make the cut for the email cause we are so close. I’m sorry if it doesn’t and sometimes it might not but you will know what is going on down here. Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! Make plans for tomorrow. Mixed Doubles (handicapped) Contest at 2pm. You don’t want to miss this. It’s toooooo funny!