It’s the Parking Lot Party featuring JIM QUICK & COASTLINE and BLACKWATER RHYTHM & BLUES, today at 5pm! Our 4th of July GRAND FINALE! We hope you will come. The club will open at 4pm so come on out and bring your chairs, umbrellas and fans. We are gonna have a good ole time. Special Guests, THE CANINE ANGELS, will be here for you to meet and show you how much smarter they are than you!!! Just a little joke but these guys are very special to very, very special people! COLD BEER will be everywhere around the lot and for those of you who are hungry or want a mixed drink the club will be wide open! You know how cold the beer is in the grill bar!! So get yourselves ready for a very special party at Fat Harold’s Beach Club. Nobody Throws a Party Like The Fat Man! Look forward to seeing all your smiling faces in a little while. Congratulations to all of the winners in our 4th of July Shag Contest and a very Special THANK YOU, to all of the participants, judges, DJ’s, and customers. We couldn’t have the contest without your support and THANK YOU JANET HARROLD for coordinating all of it! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!