flag-fireworksHappy 4th of July to all of our Fat Harold’s Family and Friends. Today we open the club at 11am for lunch. Come in and get you one of those famous Blackened Bologna sandwiches or Scrumptious Grilled Cheeseburgers and celebrate with us. The club will be open all day so grab a dance floor to practice for the Shag Contest. We have had a Fourth of July Shag Contest since I can remember (and that’s a long time). I just might have worked the very first one! This contest is dedicated to the lives of our friends who invented this beautiful dance and what a wonderful feeling to be able to have the freedom to DANCE! Both dance floors will be rockin tonite with DJ’s “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin in the front room and DJ Milton “The Shadow” White in the back room. It’s all DANCE tonite friends, so get those shoes out and get ready to celebrate our freedom and DANCE! May you always have shells in your pockets and sand in your shoes! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!