Time passes so fast the older you get. Doesn’t it? It just blows my mind. Seems as if yesterday I was climbing trees and sipping ice cold water from the outside hose pipe. Oh my, those were the drama free days. Enough of that cause today is another day in paradise! The club opens at 11am and Veal Parmesan is on the menu for today. Sorry about yesterday. It is what it is and I (Lulu) likes for everything to be just right. If it’s not, I don’t have to do it. Food for thought, maybe? The rest of the Fun Team will get started around 5 or 6 and DJ Lanny Elmore will be in the booth just after Judy Duke’s Shag Lessons. Judy gets cranked up around 7pm and stick around cause it gets fun after the lessons are over. Hope to see you sometime today!