bobbie wills 2 - CopyOur week started off, sadly, with the loss of our beloved Miss Bobbie (Barbara T. Wills). Bobbie was an icon for many, many years here at Fat Harold’s. For friends and family, her obituary can be found here: . Today we’ll gather at Fat Harold’s after her service to share some stories and toast this sweet lady. Please join us to say goodbye. There should be some mighty good stories…because Bobbie was a card! We’ll miss her smilin’ face and that unforgettable laugh. We’ll open at 4 today and we’ll have Customer Appreciation Day from 4 to 7. Join us to toast our friend, Bobbie. Tonight’s beginner shag classes will start at 7 with instructor Jeppy McDowell and Jammin’ Jimmy Buffkin will DJ tonight. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family “I Love You”! A hug is always welcome. The FUN TEAM here at the Fat Man’s House is now missing a beloved member. We salute you, Bobbie Wills…Thanks for the good times!