FAT HAROLDS PHOTOIt’s the weekend and we have some fun for you! We open today at 11am for the bestest of the burgers and bologna sandwiches on the beach. Customer Appreciation is daily from 4pm until 7pm (all day on Wednesday). NOTHING HAS CHANGED! In the booth tonight is DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin playing some awesome music. He gets real excited when the dance floor is packed, so pack it up for him!!! Saturday, we open at 11am also in The Shag City Grill and the other bars to get ready for the Spectacular Event happening at 3:30pm. Our FUTURE and their Mentors will be dancing competition, in costume, for Junior SOS! This contest is SO MUCH FUN! Plan to be here, but get here early so you can get a seat. When the chairs are gone we’ve got the floor and that’s OK too! DJ Larry Edwards will be your host for the afternoon and Matt Free will direct the contest. I love them both! Saturday night’s DJ will kick off around 7ish and would be Brother Jerry Franklin Bass. He has promised to keep you dancing. On Sunday The OD Shag Club will have brunch for the Juniors and then Gospel and Devotion to end their week in Ocean Drive. Sunday night, Terry and Miss Ethel will be putting on a show. She opens at 4pm for Customer Appreciation Day. Don’t miss it! We would like to Thank the Juniors, their leaders, parents, grandparents and all of those instrumental in getting them to their very own private SOS. We Thank YOU for coming to Fat Harold’s! The Fat Man would have been so proud to see how much you’ve grown. Let’s keep growing and WE will be here for you! Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!