jrsos2014We open at 11 this morning and what a day we have for you! Juniors Mixed Doubles Handicapped Contest will start at 3:30pm sharp! You better get here early to get a park and a seat. This is one of the highlights of Jr. SOS. Your DJ will be Larry Edwards who loves and works with these kids all year long. Thanks to Gene Pope, Matt Free and all of the other Jr. SOS Board Members for paving the way for our future. We are expecting a “Very Special” person to show up today. I will give you three guesses and the first 2 don’t count. Yep, you better get down here. I’m not even playing. He is so excited to be able to come today! Tonight Mr. DJ Gary Bass will pump up the volume and wear you out on the dance floor. What a great day the Lord has given us. Great Weather, Great Friends and SHAG! We will see you when you get here! Peace, Love and Sandy Feet!