It’s time to get your 4th going and we are going to help to get you through it! Shucks, that’s what we are here for! The Shag City Grill opens at 11am this morning with Lunch with Lulu. She has a surprise today for special! NO PORK CHOPS. You never know what is going through that watermelon head of hers! You will NOT be unhappy with the special today unless you are allergic to it! (hint) That’s all folks you must show up to be in the know! Terry comes in and opens the main bar at 5pm and will be joined by Shannon and Debbie. Brenda, Deanna, Justin and the rest will be in the house too! Guest DJ Butch Metcalf will play for FAT HAROLD’S Annual 4th of July SPA Contest. Contest will starts around 8ish. Come out and support “The Dance” that we need to stay alive and well in North Myrtle Beach. The back room will be open for your dancing pleasure. Floors will be open all day for practice but not before 11am. The Fat Man wants you all to be safe in your travels and please drink one for him! He may be out and about. Not sure yet! If not, he loves you all and looks forward to your next visit. Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are and as always “Love you, Mean it”!