monday2Mondays aren’t so bad! Gives us a chance to rejuvenate and start a GREAT week! We LOVE Mondays! Best of all, we look forward to the folks comin’ in for Judy Duke’s shag classes. Lots of smilin’ faces and happy feet…This class is for beginners through advanced. Learn somethin’ new…or brush up on some steps you may have forgotten. Class starts at 7 but come early so you can sign up and meets your classmates. No partner required, $10 per person. Club opens today at 4 with Customer Appreciation from 4 to 7. Just the thing to get you ready for a good workout on our dance floors. Thanks for a GREAT weekend…We hope you had some GOOD TIMES and walked away with postive memories. We LIKE makin’ memories at FAT HAROLD’S. Your FUN TEAM is pretty darn good at helpin’ you make that happen. For those of your who knew Sam Shipp, check out our FACEBOOK PAGE for info on a Celebration Of Life this Wednesday night. We look forward to having Sam’s family and friends in the back room to share some stories of this true Southern Gentleman. On another note JUNIOR SOS is crankin’ up and we SO love to see our kids gettin’ into the dance. Check their schedule (on our FACEBOOK PAGE) and go out to support ’em. You’ll be amazed at what you see. Our JUNIORS ARE AWESOME! Okay, folks…Let’s get this week started..It’s gonna be a good’un here in Paradise!