The grill opens at 11am and Lulu’s cooking again. She will have Chicken Salad Sandwiches w/OR or Chicken Salad Cold Plate with Pasta Salad over lettuce with fresh sliced tomatoes, beverage included! Just $6.50. I don’t know how long this Chicken Salad’s gonna last cause they wanted to by tickets for it yesterday! lol Well enough of that just come and get it. Then at 2:30 there will be a JUNIOR Exhibition lasting until 5:30. They will not refuse any money thrown at them or checks written for JUNIOR SOS. We need our younger kids to keep our tradition “The Shag” alive. They’ve got more moves than Jello has jiggles. Don’t miss this! DJ Jason Justice will be playing for them. Then it’s on to The Bored Meeting at 4pm, which happens to last until 7pm, just another name we have for Customer Appreciation Day at Fat Harold’s. DJ Milton White will be Playing some good music in The Parking Lot today at 5pm. The OD Shag Club will end up their POKER Run today around 5:30 right here at Fat Harold’s. These guys have a ball. Shannon and the girls will have everything ready for you this evening to come in and get ready to PARTY cause SIX STYLEZ is on stage. A little different from the rest of our bands but a MUST SEE band. Professionals to the max. DJ Jason Justice will accompany them and play your favorite shag tunes between sets. If there is anything else going on, I don’t know it, but this sounds like a busy day to this old broad! Come join us at some point in the day and show some love cause We LOVE YOU, and MEAN IT! Have a great day and wait for the beep, beep!