fat haroldsGood Mornings Peeps! We hope you are planning on having a great weekend right here at Fat Harold’s Beach Club. We have some exciting things planned. Today we open the grill at 11am and Jim is going to cook up some PORK CHOPS! They are gonna be grilled and served with our NEW French Fries, a salad and cornbread. Don’t forget the “real” fresh brewed ice tea! Then it’s on to Customer Appreciation Day, and then it’s Friday Night and come and get you somebody to dance with. It’s Friday Night Dance Party and DJ’s Randal Hight is playing in the front room and our Good Buddy Gene Sistare has got the back room. They are both great DJ’s and will put holes in your soles! Don’t forget Keeper’s/Junior Handicapped Shag Contest tomorrow afternoon at 2pm. Surprises galore. Don’t miss it! Let’s try and stay cool and we ALL know who has the coldest beer. FAT HAROLD’S. We’ll see ya when you get here! Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! Love YOU, Mean IT!